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Mackie Thump Go Review

Mackie Thump Go a portable speaker known for its compact size and powerful output, this speaker has caught the attention of both casual listeners and professional DJs. In this review, we delve into its features, performance, and how it stands in the competitive market of portable speakers.

Technical Specifications

The Mackie Thump Go boasts impressive technical features. It is equipped with a two-way system, including a Class D–biamped setup with a substantial 175 watts for its 8-inch LF driver and 25 watts for its 1-inch HF compression driver. The speaker's design focuses on portability without sacrificing sound quality, with a frequency range of 57 Hz to 20 kHz. Its compact form, weighing just 17.6 pounds, makes it an ideal companion for on-the-go audio needs.

Manufacturer's Claims

Mackie promotes the Thump Go as a versatile, high-performance speaker that suits various environments, from casual home use to professional DJ setups. They highlight its easy portability, long battery life, and robust sound quality. A notable feature is its adaptability in different settings, thanks to multiple EQ voicings like Music, Speech, and Monitor.

Analysis of Online Reviews

Online reviews of the Mackie Thump Go paint a picture of a well-received product. Users consistently praise its clear, powerful sound and portability. However, there are mentions of limitations in app connectivity and Bluetooth functionality. Reviews also note the speaker's ability to perform well in various settings, from small indoor gatherings to larger outdoor events.

Our Testing 

We were seeking a powerful speaker for our house party rental service, so we decided to try the Mackie Thump Go. We evaluated it based on several key criteria:

  1. Sound quality 

  2. Portability 

  3. Battery life 

  4. User friendliness 

The Sound Quality 

The Mackie Thump Go offers four distinct modes:

  • Music Mode: Ideal for DJs and general music playback, this mode enhances bass and high notes.

  • Speech Mode: Perfect for speaking events, it reduces low bass to prevent muffled voices and enhances high notes for clearer speech, while controlling sudden loud sounds to avoid feedback noise.

  • Monitor Mode: Designed for live performances, this mode reduces excess bass when the speaker is on the ground and minimises harsh mid-range sounds, best used when the speaker is laid flat as a monitor.

  • Sub Mode: Slightly reduces low-end sounds to boost overall volume, ideal for connecting to a subwoofer, replacing 'Music' mode for better performance.

In our opinion the Mackie Thump Go has an impressive sound quality for a portable speaker. While it has a narrow dispersion range, this is expected given its size. This makes it ideal for intimate gatherings, such as homes or small halls, where speakers can be elevated and directed towards the listening area, or for creating an atmosphere in fitness classes rather than replicating a club scene. Proper speaker placement is crucial to ensure the sound fills the space. For larger spaces or multiple rooms, we recommend using multiple speakers and utilising the link feature.

The Mackie Thump Go features a frequency range from 57 Hz to 20 kHz. Initially skeptical about its bass capabilities, we were pleasantly surprised by its deep, growling bass tones. While some Drum and Bass and Trap enthusiasts at Clear View Sound might find the bass insufficient, it performs well for its size. For earth-shaking bass, adding a subwoofer is advisable, though this compromises portability. For those not needing portability, a different speaker setup is recommended. However, for contained setups, the Thump Go truly delivers.


The Thump Go was made for portability. For such a powerful speaker It’s lightweight, compact and easy to transport with a handle at the top. We would also recommend using the soft carry case as an optional extra to give it more protection when transporting the speaker in the boot of your car.

The Battery 

Many reviews mention the battery not lasting the full 12 hours, and we agree. Our tests showed that listening at 50% volume lasts 12 hours, while at full volume, it lasts about 6 hours.

The Mackie Thump Go packs a punch, so even at lower volume settings, it can still fill a room for house parties.

User Friendliness 

User friendliness is crucial for us as we rent our equipment to both professional DJs and members of the public who are not overly familiar with sound equipment.

To test its intuitive usability, we handed the Mackie Thump Go to someone inexperienced with sound equipment. Here’s her feedback:

“It took me a while to connect to Bluetooth at first. I didn’t realize you had to hold down the Bluetooth button to enter pairing mode. The blue Bluetooth light flashes when you switch on the speaker, making it seem like it’s already in pairing mode. However, after the initial pairing, it connects easily and quickly. The linking feature was straightforward, though I had to ‘forget’ the connection, then repair and link the speakers. Once connected, it works like most portable speakers. Overall, it’s pretty easy to use; it was just the initial connection that took longer than expected to figure out.”


The Mackie Thump Go is a strong contender in the portable speaker market, balancing portability with impressive sound quality. Its compact size, powerful output, and versatility make it an excellent choice for professional DJs, bands, solo performers, and casual users looking to host a small party.

In terms of sound quality, the Mackie Thump Go holds its own against competitors like the Bose S1 Pro, Alto Busker, JBL EON One Compact, and our top pick, the Soundboks Gen3. This speaker is ideal for house parties, small venues where overpowering sound is unnecessary, and outdoor areas such as parks and beaches where a firm sound is needed. Overall, we highly recommend the Mackie Thump Go for its outstanding performance and versatility.

If you want to try the Mackie, we offer rental deals starting at £50 per day. For those who prefer to buy, the best deal we found in the UK is from Gear4music, currently offering it for £329.


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