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CDJ Hire

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3

Embrace the legacy of Pioneer DJ gear with the CDJ-1000MK3, a testament to where modern DJing began. With an ergonomic design and a suite of features tailored for hands-on performance, this CD player has been an iconic fixture in booths around the world, loved by many for its reliability and intuitive controls. 

Pioneer CDJ - 1000MK3.png

What Sets the Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Apart: 

  • Jog Feeling Adjust: Customize the jog wheel's resistance to match your mixing style, ensuring unparalleled precision. 

  • Wide Pitch Control: Enjoy a broader range of pitch adjustments for perfect tempo synchronization. 

  • Hot Cue & Hot Loop: Seamlessly jump to preset cue points or loop sections, enabling spontaneous remixing and track manipulation. 

Best suited for

  • Retro Enthusiasts: DJs who have a soft spot for the classics, cherishing the tactile feel and authentic experience. 

  • Club Setups: A workhorse designed to withstand long hours in demanding club environments. 

  • DJ Training Institutes: An ideal tool for teaching foundational DJ skills to budding talents. 

Hire Price


per day

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Need any add-ons? 

Want to give your event that extra bass or create a different atmosphere. Check out some of our sound and lighting add-ons below. 

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Our Promise

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, children’s party or corporate event we promise to; 


  1. Arrive early, fully set up, sound check and give training in good time before your party.

  2. Ensure high-quality sound and lighting equipment are supplied (fully PAT tested).

  3. Fully discuss your preferences prior to your party 

  4. Ensure we are available for tech support for the duration of your hire. ​

We all have PAT Certificate and Risk Assessment.

For Bookings And Quotes

For more information about our services or to get a quote or make a booking, email us, phone us or submit the contact form here

Call: 07956697868


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