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Subwoofer Hire

RCF 4PRO 8001A

Step into the realm of deep, resonant sound with the RCF 4PRO 8001A Active Subwoofer. This meticulously designed subwoofer is the bridge between advanced technology and the raw power of bass, ensuring an auditory experience that remains unparalleled. 

RCF 4PRO 8001A.png

Why choose the RCF 4PRO 8001A for hire? 

  • Deep and Dynamic Bass: Experience a soundscape rich in depth, where every bass note emerges with unparalleled clarity and strength. 

  • Robust Build: The unit is built to withstand the rigors of on-the-road usage while ensuring top-tier performance. 

  • Effortless Integration: Designed for seamless compatibility, it can be effortlessly integrated into a wide variety of sound setups. 

Best suited for

  • Large-scale Events: Its power-packed performance ensures that large venues like stadiums and concert halls are engulfed in rich bass. 

  • Professional Sound Setups: From studio recordings to live concerts, its presence elevates the audio dynamics. 

  • Bass-centric Audio Performances: Perfect for genres and events where the bass takes center stage, ensuring each note is felt as profoundly as it is heard. 

Hire Prices 


One to two day hire


Weekend hire

Get in touch

Weekly hire

Other speaker hire options you might like

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Need any add-ons? 

Want to give your event that extra bass or create a different atmosphere. Check out some of our sound and lighting add-ons below. 

Mackie SRM-450.jpg

Active speaker hire

Hire from £50

LEDJ LED PAR 64 Floor Can - Copy.png

Lighting Hire

Hire from £10 per day

Smoke Machine.jpg

Fog and Effects

Hire from £70 per day

Note: Package deals shown can be interchangeable if necessary. There will be no changes to the package prices stated. Add-Ons prices applicable to one to two and weekend hire only. For weekly hire please contact us. 

Our Promise

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, children’s party or corporate event we promise to; 


  1. Arrive early, fully set up, sound check and give training in good time before your party.

  2. Ensure high-quality sound and lighting equipment are supplied (fully PAT tested).

  3. Fully discuss your preferences prior to your party 

  4. Ensure we are available for tech support for the duration of your hire. ​

We all have PAT Certificate and Risk Assessment.

For Bookings And Quotes

For more information about our services or to get a quote or make a booking, email us, phone us or submit the contact form here

Call: 07956697868


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