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Lighting Hire

Acme Dynamic 25 Roller Barrel

For event planners and hosts seeking a dynamic and captivating lighting solution, the Acme Dynamic 25 Roller Barrel is your ticket to a visually stunning event. This unique barrel light offers unparalleled motion and brightness, ensuring your audience is engaged and enlivened. 

Sweeper Beam Quad LED.png

Why Acme Dynamic 25 Roller Barrel Stands Out: 

  • Rotational Brilliance: The roller barrel design provides a distinctive spin on traditional stage lighting, ensuring continuous movement and vibrancy. 

  • Broad Coverage: Its expansive reach ensures that every corner of your venue is bathed in colourful lights. 

Best suited for

  • Clubbing and Dance Events: The rotational movement coupled with the intensity of light creates a perfect ambiance for dance floors. 

  • Live Shows and Concerts: Keeps the audience engaged with its unpredictable and dynamic movements. 

  • Corporate Events: For those looking to add a dash of excitement and break the monotony of traditional setups. 

Hire Price 


per day

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Sweeper Beam Quad LED.png

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Our Promise

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, children’s party or corporate event we promise to; 


  1. Arrive early, fully set up, sound check and give training in good time before your party.

  2. Ensure high-quality sound and lighting equipment are supplied (fully PAT tested).

  3. Fully discuss your preferences prior to your party 

  4. Ensure we are available for tech support for the duration of your hire. ​

We all have PAT Certificate and Risk Assessment.

For Bookings And Quotes

For more information about our services or to get a quote or make a booking, email us, phone us or submit the contact form here

Call: 07956697868


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