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DJs Hate Requests - Myth Debunked

There's a common misconception that DJs dread the moment someone approaches their booth with a song request. It's often thought that these interruptions are unwelcome breaks in their carefully crafted sets. To get to the bottom of this, I sat down with our team of DJs to uncover the truth. What do they really think about song requests? Are they an annoyance, or could they be something more – an opportunity for interaction, a chance to connect with the crowd, or even a source of amusement? Let's dive in and debunk the myth: Do DJs actually hate song requests?

The Answer: DJs don’t hate requests but there are many factors to consider

Understanding Life behind the deck

If a DJ doesn’t greet you right away when you approach the decks, or if your request is met with a 'no' or not played immediately, it's worth understanding what's actually happening behind the scenes. DJs do more than just play a series of songs. They are in the midst of creating a cohesive musical experience, carefully selecting each track to suit the mood and energy of the crowd. Their job involves constant adjustments, blending beats, and ensuring the music flows without interruption. Additionally, a significant part of their role is about understanding and connecting with the audience. They're not just playing music; they're creating an atmosphere for everyone’s enjoyment.

Another factor to consider when your song request isn't accepted is the existence of a "no play list." This list, determined by the DJ or the event organisers, includes songs that are off-limits for various reasons. These could be overplayed songs that have lost their appeal, tracks that don’t fit the venue's or event's theme, or songs that might not resonate well with the current audience. Some DJs also avoid playing songs with explicit content, especially in family-friendly or corporate settings. Understanding that a DJ's priority is to maintain a certain vibe and cater to a wide audience makes it clearer why some requests might not make the cut, no matter how much an individual guest might want to hear them.

Diary of a DJ: Most Memorable Requests

When I asked our DJs about the most memorable requests they've received, they shared a mix of humorous and heartfelt stories. Here are some of the best song request reasons they’ve had:

  • The Last Dance Before Leaving: “Hey, I’m heading out soon. Can you play my song? It’s my last chance to dance tonight!”

  • A Farewell to the Country: “I’m moving abroad tomorrow. I’d love to hear this song one last time on home soil.”

  • Nostalgic Melodies: “This song reminds me of my parents. Could you play it for old times’ sake?”

  • The One and Only Dance Tune: “I can’t dance to anything but this. Please, I need this song!”

  • The Crowd Pleaser: “Trust me, play this and watch the floor light up!”

  • Personal Promises: “If you play this song, I’ll dance just for you!”

  • Bribery in Beats: “I’ll pay you to play this song”

  • Risque Requests: “I’ll give you a cheeky flash if you play my favourite track!”

  • Classic Hits: “This is a classic, a real banger. It’s got to be on your playlist, right?”

  • Songs for the Soul: “It’s the last song I want to hear before I die.”

  • Friendly Bets: “I bet my friend that i could get you to play this song”

  • Romance on the Dance Floor: “I’m trying to get my partner to dance with me”

  • DJ to DJ: “As a fellow DJ, I think this track would fit perfectly right now.”

So, do DJs hate requests? Far from it. Reflecting on my discussion with our DJs, it's clear that each request is a reminder of why they love what they do – it's not just about the music; it's about the people who move to it. 

Our DJs have shared their stories, and now we'd love to hear yours. Have you ever made a song request with a quirky reason? Share your story in the comments – we’d love to hear it!

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I would also add, which is very common, "its my birthday (or my friends birthday) so please play....." Then I usually ask when their birthday date is in day/month/ year and watch them

Mr Freedom! (Hertfordshire)

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