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Wedding Entertainment: 8 ideas to keep your guests entertained

Having had the privilege of assisting our DJs at many weddings, I’ve seen a wide array of wedding themes and entertainment choices that couples pick to make their day special. Each wedding presents a unique style of celebration, reflecting the joy and love shared by the newlyweds. Amid the heartfelt vows and beautiful flowers, it’s often the entertainment that takes the celebration from enjoyable to truly memorable. 

In this blog, I’ve  gathered some of the best entertainment ideas I’ve come across, along with a few creative, and one wacky idea that was debated in the office.


Photobooths have become a popular feature at weddings recently, adding a fun and interactive element to the celebrations. We’ve seen couples go all out with extravagant setups like the 360 spin camera booth, capturing every angle of their guests’ joyous expressions. However, you don’t need to break the bank to have a photobooth at your wedding, we’ve also seen some amazing budget-friendly setups. All you need is a simple backdrop made from materials you already have or an affordable balloon arch and a camera mounted on a tripod, or even a high-quality smartphone. Encourage your guests to take playful photos using their own devices too. This way, everyone gets to leave with a digital keepsake from your special day, cherishing the moments of joy and laughter shared.

Did someone say Karaoke? 

Who can resist the charm of karaoke? Rent a machine and watch your guests channel their inner pop stars. Or if karaoke is really your thing, maybe invest in your own machine, so the fun carry’s on even after your special day. It’s a fabulous way to involve everyone in the festivities and provides endless entertainment as your loved ones belt out tunes from heartfelt to hilariously off-key. 

Artists and Performers...

…not the ones you might be thinking of 

I’m talking palm readers, caricature artists, magicians, comedians. You’ll honestly be surprised at the unique flair and excitement they can bring to a wedding. These entertainers not only provide a quirky twist to the traditional wedding setup but also offer memorable experiences for your guests. From laughter-filled caricature drawings to the awe-inspiring tricks of magicians, these unconventional choices can transform your wedding into an enchanting and interactive celebration that everyone will talk about for years to come.

Flash Mob Surprise

Bridal party dance routines have become quite the norm, often anticipated with excitement when the MC heralds the next performance. But picture the scene when, instead, a completely unexpected flash mob bursts into action. The sudden shift from casual chatter to a full-blown, spontaneous performance is sure to captivate everyone. Coordinating a dance or act with your bridal party or enthusiastic guests adds an element of surprise that will be talked about for years to come. It’s a thrilling way to liven up the reception and make your wedding truly memorable.

Food Trucks or Interactive Food Stations

As a bona fide foodie, I could write an essay on why food is entertainment and then spend hours discussing wedding cuisine, but let’s cut to the chase. The most satisfying wedding meals, in my experience, are those with straightforward yet tasty menus. And what’s simpler yet utterly scrumptious than food trucks? They bring a delightful mix of gourmet and street food options, perfect for a relaxed and distinctive dining atmosphere. Plus, you can effortlessly blend this with traditional seating, complete with waitstaff, if that’s more your style.

Given my culinary enthusiasm, I simply must share one more food related idea that we’ve bounced around the office. Full disclosure: I haven’t seen this in practice, and I’m not certain about the cost or general feasibility, but it’s a concept that could be a game-changer—interactive food stations.

Imagine a world beyond conventional catering. Picture your guests mingling around stations where chefs prepare personalised dishes on the spot. Imagine their excitement watching a pasta dish being whipped up, or a gourmet pizza being topped and baked right before their eyes. This not only offers an interactive and engaging culinary experience but also caters to a variety of tastes and dietary requirements. As an added bonus both ideas possibly reduce food waste, as they will be catering to real time demand. 

Singing Servers and Serenades

If you haven’t guessed it already I’m all about entertainment that has an element of surprise or an unusual flair to ensure the day is memorable for all involved. Imagine the surprise as waiters burst into song, or a live musician strums the chords to your special song during the first dance. Singing waiters provide an unexpected twist of entertainment, while live musicians add a layer of romantic sophistication to your celebration.

Firework Display

Whenever I’ve experienced firework displays at weddings, it’s like stepping into a scene from a romantic movie, with the elated couple and their guests all gathered together, eyes lifted to the sky. As the fireworks burst and cascade, adding sparkle and a touch of romance to the night sky, there’s a palpable sense of happily ever after. It’s not just magical and beautiful, but also thoroughly entertaining.

Hire a DJ 

In terms of wedding entertainment, nothing really beats the reliability of a DJ to entertain your guests. A skilled DJ doesn’t just play music; they read the room, build the atmosphere, and keep the energy flowing throughout the event. From the first dance to the last call, they can seamlessly transition through genres and eras, catering to the diverse musical tastes of your guests. Plus, a DJ can double as an MC, making announcements and guiding the evening’s proceedings, ensuring a smooth and memorable celebration for everyone involved.

If you’re looking to hire a DJ, look no further than Clear View Sound. Check out our Wedding DJ service here. 

As we wrap up this blog of unique and memorable wedding entertainment ideas, remember that your choices can truly create a one of a long celebration that both you and your guests remember for years to come. From the simple charm of food trucks to the grandeur of firework displays, each option adds its own special touch. Whether it’s the interactive fun of a photo booth, the excitement of a surprise flash mob, or the classic appeal of a skilled DJ, these ideas are designed to create unforgettable moments.

If you know or are a catering company who already offers interactive food stations be sure to leave a comment below. I may need your services one day. 


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